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Month: November 2017

The Ultimate Line of the Wannabe Internet “Troll”

It isn’t anything sophisticated, yet it is super effective. It isn’t an intelligent or creative insult, but it hardly ever misses to hit the spot and achieves the ultimate goal of each troll… a reaction.

The wannabe troll needs no wordcraft, no sartirical or sarcastic mindset. They need not be quick witted. They will never surprise anybody with their original insults, oh no.

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#TIL: The Pink R2-D2, AKA R2-KT, is Part of the Star Wars Canon

To be honest, I’ve known about the pink R2-D2 since quite a while already but to be just as honest honest, other than find it funny then I didn’t think more about it.

Until yesterday that is. Yesterday when over in Qurites chat we were talking leotards (don’t ask!), body suits, and Batman. Which, of course, led to Batflitty, the Hello Kitty Batman photoshop.

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