Several moons ago, when I was still wet behind the ears new on Steem, I wrote about Batman Ninja and called it an absolute Whoa moment of last year’s NYCC.

Rereading that post now, I was gushing of happiness then and based on the Internet’s wisdom, and my usual gut feeling, I came to the conclusion that the movie would be ballistically batshit insanely awesome.

Sometimes you just feel a thing is going to be great and you know it’s going to be an amazing ride and there’s no way you’re going to be disappointed.

It’s Male Intuition when all you can think of is Philip J. Fry holding a whack of green notes.

It’s when you don’t feel bad writing four paragraphs of preamble. Because as time would tell you… you were right.

So let’s stop beating around the bush already and get to it. Let me explain you why you should absolutely watch Batman Ninja, even if reviews and the Internet’s opinion are a mixed bag.

For those reading this who haven’t jumped to my old post yet, although you absolutely should, let me briefly reintroduce the movie to you.

With help of the official summary.

Batman and a cast of villains including The Joker are transported back in time to medieval Japan in this ground-breaking anime feature.

As the summary gives away this is an anime feature and thus indeed groundbreaking for fans as it is one of very few Batman animes available. Additionally, the movie is directed by Jumpei Mizusaki, of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fame, assisted by a rockstar anime team.

It being an anime feature film means that it requires most fans to forget everything they know and put their Expectation Meter on zero, instead being open-minded and allow themselves to discover something else. Something different.

This is not DC Animated. Batman Ninja is something totally new and different. The trailer doesn’t take any prisoners about that.

Normally I don’t tend to pay much attention to trailers as too much money is spent on them trying to create exactly that what will make the audience open their wallet, and more often than not a trailer ends up being two better minutes than the complete movie ever will be. But the Batman Ninja trailer is awesome, mostly because it shows us that we’re going to be in for a crazy ride.

For a batshit insane ride.

And the trailer has Gorilla Grodd in it. What more does one need to be convinced?

Contrarily to many trailer-movie combos, this time the movie doesn’t disappoint.

One of the big reasons why reviews of Batman Ninja are such a mixed bag is IMHO also one of the feature’s strengths. It’s as simple as illogic in a Batman world: Batman Ninja doesn’t make much sense. Maybe for few minutes, a quarter of an hour even, but soon it all goes batshit insane and is full of plot holes and illogical things, errors even. Everything is littered with insane [whoa] moments and events, it’s so totally over the top it’s ridiculous.

Insanely ridiculously entertaining and awesome.

Add to that the great visuals, super choreography and a super Batman crew and villain cast and it becomes obvious those will be 80 minutes of your life you’re going to enjoy.

But only if you can free your mind, turn your brain off and let it all wash over you.

Forget about everything Batman you know. Forget about anything DC Animated you’ve previously seen. Definitely forget about the DCEU and also Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Although…. alright, don’t forget about Batman’s fight against Ra’s al Ghul in Batman Begins. But don’t bring it with you either when watching Batman Ninja.

Forget about Heath Ledger. Forget about Mark Hamill.

Yes, I did just say you should forget about Mark Hamill and his Joker. No, that isn’t heresy. Not at all because rather than comparing to Hamill’s consistently great Joker [voice] give Batman Ninja’s Joker voiced by Tony Hale (of Buster fame in Arrested Development) a chance. Hale is an excellent Joker in Batman Ninja.

Hale delivers an awesome Joker and his voice totally fits the over the top character. Not only does he manage to infuse the character with insanity, he also has the Joker’s laugh down and even managed to add some excellent details to the character like how he says Batman, splitting Bat and Man. It’s almost freaky, just like the Joker should be.

Not one for entitlement and nowadays popular thinking that fans deserve something as can often be read online, but after Jared Leto’s Joker we deserved a great Joker and Tony Hale didn’t disappoint. It’s so excellent a performance that there’s no doubt Hale will be listed high in upcoming best Joker performance lists.

As previously mentioned the movie is visually amazing. More so there’s several different styles used throughout the feature and the visual team has totally managed to pull that off in incredible ways. Sometimes the art comes at the cost of the plot line and at the cost of the story making sense at all, but that shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Not if you’re open minded enough and can leave your expectations – and DC knowledge – behind. Just like you would do with any movie directed by Michael Bay.

Batman Ninja is an absolute blast. It’s totally batshit insanely crazy and that’s awesome. Batman Ninja definitely ranks as one of the funnest movies I’ve seen this year and will see.

And you should watch it too, even if only to experience how amazingly bonkers it is.

Plus, Batman Ninja has Gorilla Grodd in it.

This post was first submitted to the Steem blockchain on May 19, 2018