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Veganism, Did It Start as a Diet or as a Psychology?

For months I have been spending time getting to grips with WFPB (Whole Food Plant-Based), learning the important ingredients and also gathering recipes and becoming more in creative in the kitchen.

No, not that creative in the kitchen, you little dirty mind! 😉

Much of this knowledge has been gathered browsing the Internet tubes and also the first and foremost location to end up in arguments with activists online, Facebook.

And so, unsurprisingly, it happened that last week I ended up debating the origins of veganism, debating whether it started as the now popular animal rights/love fanclub or as a diet.

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#TIL: The Pink R2-D2, AKA R2-KT, is Part of the Star Wars Canon

To be honest, I’ve known about the pink R2-D2 since quite a while already but to be just as honest honest, other than find it funny then I didn’t think more about it.

Until yesterday that is. Yesterday when over in Qurites chat we were talking leotards (don’t ask!), body suits, and Batman. Which, of course, led to Batflitty, the Hello Kitty Batman photoshop.

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