As someone who generally doesn’t mind being alone I spend most of days as a fkn philosopher reading. My reading habits are mostly tech/blockchain related and so-called “war stories” books.

The war stories or founder biographies but also the more romantized form of biographies, those of sports people and musicians. What’s not to love about reading an over the top easy Zlatan or Anthony Kiedis story. Generally, despite romanization, there’s a lot of inspiration to be found in those books and life wisdom. No matter how over the top often, there’s always gems to be found.

Unsurprisingly, I also read The Players Tribune almost religiously. Essays like the recent “Earning My Smile” by Ian Wright or King Cantona’s “What’s the Meaning of Life” – yes, I’m a football fan, soccer for you, yanks – are stories which lead to healthy moments of perspective and self-introspection. Which, of course, for a stoicism pursuing person is a great thing. And should be, is for anyone else caring even the slightest bit about themselves and their own personal evolution.

But there’s more in those moments of downtime.

I’m an addict.

Addicted to… idle clickers.

As I’m writing this post, I have some crappy free stock music playing in the background, stock music which is part of the game High Day 420 and I’m waiting for my cannabis plants to grow.

No, no… I don’t smoke. It’s just that I’m addicted to cannabis idle clickers.

I recently discovered High Day 420 and needless to say that in the days since SkyForce Reloaded has been relegated to the background.

That is in’t all though.

You see, when I say “addicted”, I mean it. High Day 420 isn’t the only game running on my device which gets regularly checked. Another game which I have been playing daily for more than half a year now is Egg, Inc..

Before that, I have been addicted to the then hugely popular Game of War and while there was fun in nuking other’s empires, I found most satisfaction in building empires. Luckily, I was in the beta program and thus we could often start from scratch again. Which were always the funnest days, even funnier than when we had 24 hours no shield days.

That’s right… I like building things.

More than I like destroying things. Those days of playing Black & White and wiping out whole villages when in a bad mood have long gone. The truth is… I’m barely angry nowadays.

Peter Molyneux’ Black & White 2

Peter Molyneux’ Black & White 2

When not reading, my gaming has been almost entirely replaced with idle clickers. The odd round of Injustice (2) aside.

Did you say some crap in-app ad with a playable game? Dang… I even can’t really resist those.

Yes, I’m a sucker for idle clickers.

Tiny Towers, Pocket Planes by Nimblebit have played them all. in truth, I even occasionally DuckDuckGo and look for “best idle clickers [year]”.

Can you say addiction?

Have you ever maintained an aquarium? Or many? Virtual aquariums I mean, of course. The real life aquariums are a totally different experience and one I love. But they don’t fit in one’s pocket.

Luckily, I never went public about my Fishville addiction.

No, that I would never do. If anything, I would only do such about my love for Desktop Tower Defense games. Which probably is even older than my idle clickers addiction.

Kongregate’s Desktop Tower Defense

Kongregate’s Desktop Tower Defense

But that’s another story for another day.