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#TIL: The Pink R2-D2, AKA R2-KT, is Part of the Star Wars Canon

To be honest, I’ve known about the pink R2-D2 since quite a while already but to be just as honest honest, other than find it funny then I didn’t think more about it.

Until yesterday that is. Yesterday when over in Qurites chat we were talking leotards (don’t ask!), body suits, and Batman. Which, of course, led to Batflitty, the Hello Kitty Batman photoshop.

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The Black Monday Murders Vol.1: All Hail, God Mammon – Review

After a recent post around more comics-related content, and comics reviews, here on Steem, of course it is important to put my foot where my mouth is and as they say, lead from the front. Maybe I’m not the ideal example, but I’m not just an armchair critic.

So the first question which came to mind was what comic would be fitting? And to be honest, I already had given that away in the URL of my post introducing comics reviews.

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The Ritual

It’s all about the puff. That routine. The celebration.

The ritual.

At any given moment of the day I may feel the need, the desire to walk downstairs and sit down, relax. It’s almost procedural.

I grab a chair and sit down, cross my legs or pull my legs up, and get one out of the pack. Sometimes I just take two with me when going downstairs and leave the pack upstairs.

Three times, three times do I tap it on my lighter before I light it up.

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